Our CORE technology
for your individual products

Your specific question will be transferred by us into a workflow, which can be operated as a module together with the docq CORE platform. Each module is a kind of software add-on, which we develop for you and which has a medical purpose in itself.

With docq CORE you get a comprehensive software platform for performing patient-specific simulations. It is the foundation for all other docq modules and manages data handling, visualization, configuration, automation, as well as monitoring and reporting.


Your new software can be easily integrated into your product world via interfaces and extended at any time according to your requirements.
Our support team is always at your side and helps with maintenance and further development.

Key technology for the future of medical technology.

in vivo – in vitro – in silico

In the future, the use of ethically difficult animal and human trials will be shifted to the level of the virtual trial setup, including virtual patients. This will provide the opportunity to safely test and adapt product developments at an early stage. Accelerated medical product approval and efficient market monitoring of products already on the market thus become possible and can also be planned in terms of time.
With in silico, even better diagnoses and therapies will be possible in the future. The use of simulation prior to surgery and the representation of physical processes in the digital patient enable patient-specific and thus more efficient treatments.

CADFEM Medical solutions give companies easy access to the future of medical technology

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What the use
of simualtion
offers you

How simulation supports your diagnosis and therapy

This is how our docq CORE platform gives you easy access to the technology of tomorrow

Local Client Network

Local docq clients provide users with an interface and easy access to the application of physics-based computational models in tomorrow’s medicine. The slim client installations allow hardware- and software-intensive computational operations to be easily outsourced without sacrificing number and precision.

Customized docq solutions

The docq platform is the foundation and secure hub for your specific docq application. The combination of docq modules tailored to your product needs and the docq CORE enable flexible and secure interfaces and seamless communication with predefined databases to enhance your products with simulation.

Global Infrastructure

Docq’s scalable infrastructure enables unrestricted access to the in silico revolution. The cloud infrastructure provides the predefined tool for number chrunching of digital twins. The almost unlimited expandable and GxP verified infrastructures enable a location-independent use of the simulation in everyday medical practice.

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