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We help you to exploit the potential of the digital twin in medicine

docq RPE

Symmetry through optimization of incision

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docq OSA

Identifying appropriate therapies for sleep apnea

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docq AAA

Predictive assessment and classification of abdominal aortic aneurysms

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Better surgical planning for multiple pelvic fractures

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docq PBSS

Virtual fitting of prosthetic sockets More to come…. 5 of 5

Making your implants, prostheses and diagnoses better together

With our solutions, we help you to identify potential problems in the manufacture of medical devices or therapy in advance. We use the potential of in silico medicine and help you to develop better products faster and safer and to raise diagnostics and therapy for patients to a new level with the help of patient-specific simulation.

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Simulation heals – bite resistant despite jaw defect

Effectiveness of fracture care

Universal OCT fixation system for stabilization of the spine

This is how CADFEM Medical easily adds value to your product development, diagnostics and therapy

The question of whether a technology is good always goes hand in hand with its accessibility. docq is a platform for all those who want to use simulation for greater safety in patient-specific care. docq is thus aimed at doctors and medical institutions, as well as at manufacturers
who want to use simulation to objectively test the stability and performance of their products during development and production. docq bridges the gap between sophisticated biomechanical calculation methods and simple application, which is possible even without specific engineering knowledge.

Selected software solutions for medical simulation

implant testing with simulation

Identification of appropriate therapy for severe snoring

Symmetry improvement through optimization of the cut

Predictive assessment
of abdominal
aortic aneurysms

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