Surveillance of medical devices placed on the market

Post Market

We support you with state-of-the-art simulation technology so that your medical device remains beneficial and safe on the market.

Benefits for you

Efficient evidence generation on the function and behavior of devices placed on the market.

Better objectification of performance, safety and possible risks

Effective support for defect analysis and rectification of necessary corrective actions (CAPA) and product failures

Objective evaluation of your medical devices in the patient

According to the latest regulatory requirements, every medical device manufacturer is obliged to proactively and continuously monitor products placed on the market and document their performance. For this purpose, regular reviews of function, safety and quality must be performed and any risks identified.

On the basis of purely clinical observations, it is difficult to generate sufficient evidence in this context. This is especially the case when necessary corrective measures or even product failure are imminent. This is where simulation provides objective data for performance and safety evaluation on a scientific-biomechanical basis. This means that effective countermeasures and product improvements can be achieved even in the event of damage.

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