Tailored simulation for each patient


We simulate for you how your implant behaves in a patient’s body.

Benefits for you

Better understanding of the implant behavior in a patient's body

Efficient review and verification of patient-specific implants

In silico rather than in vivo trials based on biomechanics

Individual implants for all

Every day, the understanding of how biological structures behave under stress in a healthy and pathological state is growing. With the help of state-of-the-art simulation techniques, the behavior of implants in interaction with the human body can thus be mapped in silico.

In contrast to common in vivo or in vitro methods, patient-specific simulation enables the possible effects of a medical intervention to be shown individually for each patient. Additive manufacturing techniques also make it possible to use patient-specific implants. With numerical simulation, their safety and quality can be efficiently checked and verified.

Our offer to you