Our commitment and know-how creates added value for our partners and ultimately for affected patients.


Faster time to market for Medical devices

Treatment methods are continuously improved and optimized

Medical devices are becoming continuously safer

Medical devices are better tailored to individual patient needs

A major leap forward in the development of medical technology

Simulation in the approval process

A major leap forward in medical technology development. Using simulation according to the latest guidelines and standards in conformity with approvals – so that you can fully exploit the potential of simulation.

Efficient testing of implants

testing laboratory

With numerical simulation, standard-compliant implant tests can be carried out realistically in a short time. This saves you valuable time in product development and preclinical testing.

Tailored simulation for each patient

Patient-specific simulation

Biomechanical simulation methods can be used to show the effects of a medical intervention individually for each patient and to map the behavior of implants in interaction with the human body.

Monitoring of medical devices placed on the market

Post Market

Simulation provides objective data to demonstrate performance and safety to your existing medical device. This can generate objective evidence for the performance and safety of your products and provide the basis for necessary product improvements.

Selected success stories

Simulation heals – Bite resistant despite jaw defect

Effectiveness of fracture care

Virtual crash tests
for 3D printed prosthetic feet

Universal OCT fixation system to stabilize the spine