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About us
CADFEM Medical is a certified simulation service provider and software manufacturer in the field of medicine and medical technology and is one of the pioneers of in silico medicine.
The company was founded in 2014 and is part of the CADFEM Group. CADFEM Medical’s products and services enable medical device manufacturers, clinicians and medical staff to practically apply numerical simulation and use it for more effective and safer patient care.

CADFEM Medical is committed to the standardization and broader application of in silico medicine as part of the Avicenna Alliance, thereby ensuring safe, affordable and cost-effective healthcare.
Our mission
Transfer of simulation ­technologies to health­care.
Our mission is to provide medical device manufacturers, physicians and clinicians with easy access to patient-specific simulations to ensure the best possible patient care.

Our vision

Enhance well-being of patients with simulation
We are accelerating the use of numerical simulation in healthcare to detect disease, improve therapies and enhance product safety.
The team behind CADFEM Medical

MBA & Eng. Jan Hertwig

Dr. Ing. Christoph Müller
Corporate Strategy

Dr. habil. Alexander Pugachev
Director Research

Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Volf

M.Sc. Anja Schälicke
Software Engineer, Software Testing

M.Sc. Eric Quadrat
QM Representative, Development Engineer

Dipl.-Des. André Franken
Director Design & UX

Florian Maier

M. Eng. Jan-Emmo Feenders
Software Developer

Katharina Grimm
Software Developer

B.Sc. Peter Kruttke
Principal Software Architect

Dr.-Ing. & M.Sc. Sven Herrmann
Director Consulting & Seminars

Shiqi Wang
Software Developer

Tanmay Sharma
Senior Software Developer

Lucas Weiss

Raimon Wintzer

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